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The Lone Jeeper Canada

The Lone Jeeper Canada

The Lone Jeeper Canada

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How to prepare a long-distance solo 4x4 expedition in the remote wilderness. Tips from an experienced Canadian lone Jeeper. Reduce fuel consumption, keep safe in grizzly territory (with or without carrying a firearm), build campfires that won't be wildfire hazards, filter and purify water from creeks, and much more. I'm a Canadian Jeep enthusiast spending most of my time wandering with my Wrangler JK 2-Door in British Columbia and Yukon (Canada).

There are millions of Jeep owners but only a few of them will ever use their 4x4 vehicle for a long-distance journey in the wilderness. Most prefer to "wheel" during the weekend and not much more. For that reason, it's not easy for adventurers to find buddies to join them for a real expedition. This website is about how to prepare a solo expedition. Safety tips, what spare parts to buy exactly (for common trail repairs), affordable trail tool kit, recovery gear easy to handle by a solo traveler, how to communicate without having to pay expensive monthly fees, sleep without fear in the eerie wilderness, best windshield washer to buy for off-roading (from -48 Celsius to +40C), increase the storage capacity of your Wrangler or Rubicon, improve the water fording performance of your 4x4 vehicle and more. This resource for Jeepers covers topics that are not typical but that might be very helpful. Writen by an experienced lone Canadian Jeeper.


Prince George, British Columbia

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